Safe Holiday

Discover all the news in terms of safety

The holiday is the time of the year we are all waiting for: together we can make it memorable again this year!

Thanks to our large and well-kept spaces, both inside and outside, we have all the right features to guarantee a natural distancing and the well-being of all our guests.

Our staff has developed a safety and sanitation protocol that provides for many fundamental and complementary actions:

   CHECK-IN ON LINE: you will be encouraged to check in directly from your Smartphone or via PC two days before arriving at the hotel so as not to create groups at the reception. At the Bureau you will have the possibility to scan your document independently, through a tablet made available to guests. We are equipped with bactericide lamps with which we will provide constant sanitization of the key cards. These lamps eliminate up to 99.9 % of bacteria thanks to UV-C rays.

   BODY TEMPERATURE DETECTION: at the reception desk, when you check in, our staff will monitor the body temperature of all people entering the hotel.

   HYGIENIZING GEL: in the common areas and in strategic points, columns with sanitizing gel will be available for our guests.

   DISINFECTION AND HYGIENIZATION: we have intensified our sanitization by equipping ourselves with all the tools and procedures to ensure the safety of our guests. We will adopt a complete protocol that follows the guidelines dictated by the WHO and will use ozone purifiers to sanitize the rooms at every guest change. Daily cleaning will be carried out as always with rigour and with products with high bactericidal power, and intensified through the use of nebulisers paying particular attention to the sanitization of handles, handrails and surfaces.

   RESTAURANT SERVICE: respecting the safety distances, breakfast and dinner will be served at the table directly by our staff. This year you can enjoy lunch, with a surplus, in the equipped areas of our dehor and garden, to ensure the distance and relaxation.

   STAFF TRAINING: all our staff is equipped with an anti-contage kit and trained on all the procedures to be adopted to ensure the safety of our guests.

   OUTDOOR SWIMMING POOL AND RASSERENITY SPA: all the swimming pools of RAS Hotel, both outdoor and indoor, are automatically treated with chlorine sanitization, just as required by law. Moreover, in the SPA pool the high concentration of natural trace elements guarantees a good and natural sanitation of the water. During the day, all the common areas of the pool and the spa will be treated with alcohol-based detergents with medical certification, paying particular attention to buttons, support surfaces and passage areas. Every night we will intensify cleaning thanks to the action of the ozone generator that eliminates bacteria, mold and viruses. All the sun loungers in the pool will be spaced out and arranged in an appropriate manner to ensure ample space between family units.

   APP FOR TV MANAGEMENT: for all our customers in possession of a Smartphone you can download a free application compatible with the TV in the rooms so you can change channels without using the remote control.

The goal we have is only one: to continue to guarantee you a wonderful holiday in absolute peace and security.

Management and Staff Hotel RAS